2013 Washington-1

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Emil A. Lincoln (CTH E 1832) proclaims in his lab that city shall become Washington D.C., not A.C.

Emil G. Washington receives standing ovations and agreement that House and Senate will make all future decisions during a shared weekly Gasque. Then, 538 people sang Livet är Härligt. Things will now be done quickly, and with a smile !

Emil-Harley Davidson practicing to lead the 2013 Rolling Thunder Parade

Time is now running fast to our upcoming CING USA/Canada annual meeting in Washington, D.C. on May 23-27, 2013.

For those that never made any CING activity before, be brave and give it a try this time.We were very pleased to see many new alumni as first-time guests in the 2012 San Francisco meeting. And all of them really enjoyed the time!

The most recent program is always at this special document site, please save this location:


If you like, download the new document (File - Download as ...) in select-able format, or print directly from the website. We are still finalizing the program, so check periodically for updates.

Our technical theme is “Energy for the future” with expert presentations and a study visit.

On the fun side, you get unique opportunities to see “the inside” as well as big attractions of Washington. And not the least, we assure that you will remember this Gasque forever. Or that you will forget everything from the Gasque - both are indicators of a good time.


A block of 30 hotel rooms is reserved at the Hilton Garden Inn, located at 1333 North Courthouse Road, Arlington, Virginia, 22201, (703) 528-4444. This is a beautiful hotel, close to attractions and Metro train Orange Line Courthouse Station, just a couple of blocks away.

Chalmers guests can book directly for a special pricing at substantial rebate, up to April 24:


Just hotel info:



Even though some of you have pre-registered, we need to know exactly how many people will attend each event, so we would appreciate if you could do this:

● copy the whole registration form below,

● paste it into a return mail message and fill it out with your info

● return it to CING.USA.Canada@gmail.com

● please, let us know your plans as soon as possible.

For the events and the dinners, we are using your info to print name tags, to reserve enough seats and to wait for you if you would be running late (if we can). The cost for the Gasque is not 100% fixed yet, but we are trying to keep it under $50.

If you are still unsure whether you are able to make an event, it is better to sign up now and cancel later if you have to. However, we must pre-order Gasque food and beverages, so if you change your mind and can’t come, please cancel at least one week before the event. Else we may need to charge you some.

Name of you and all your guests: _____________

(For the name tags, include guests names, and graduation info, i.e.”Emil Chalmers E98”)

Cell Phone Number: _________________________

(For contacting you and your guests before and during the event)

Preferred Email: ____________________________

(If other than the one you are email from right now)

Attendance plans (see program):

(Enter total number of people for each event, including you. See the program for further details)

Thursday evening, fundraising event at Arne and Eva: ____

Please also register at http://clubemil_washington.eventbrite.com

Friday lunch at Nicks: ____

Friday afternoon, Energy seminar at House of Sweden: ____

Friday dinner at Rock Bottom: ____

Saturday morning, Capitol Hill tour: ____

(Note - the Saturday morning Capitol Hill tour has a limited amount of spots which will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. See the program for more information)

Saturday lunch on Capitol Hill: ____

Saturday afternoon, Energy study visit: ____

Saturday evening Gasque ($50/person): ____

Sunday morning, CING Annual meeting at Arne and Eva: ____

(The Sunday afternoon program does not require pre-registration)

Sunday evening dinner in old Alexandria: ____

Monday, alternative Capitol Hill tour: ____

Babysitting or other needs, or various comments: _______________