2011 - Chicago

Pictures and memories from 2011 in Chicago

The traditional Memorial weekend meeting this year was in Chicago. First stop was Argonne National Energy Laboratory, we got to see the high energy x-ray experiment hall, electric vehicle testing facility and hear about new Li-air batteries. The evening ended for most of us at a jazz club.

Saturday started with the Urban Transportation Center at the University of Illinois, then taste session at the first legal distillery in Chicago since Al Capone time. The gasque was hosted in the very interesting Swedish-American Museum, with good food, singing drinking, speeches and sharing of memories from the old country. The planned architectural river tour for Sunday afternoon was unfortunately cancelled due to high water level in the river.

Chicago before the meeting

can you see Andersonville?

Advanced Photon Source at the Argonne National Energy Laboratory

Gustav presents Li-air batteries at Argonne National Energy Lab.

Lunch at Argonne

Friday night dinner

much better than a flat tire

at the jazz club

lecture on Chicago growth and transportation system

the boys are testing liquids at the Koval distillery

the 2011 group photo

at the gasque

the cake inspector approves the cake

the traditional cake

coming back in the bus

at the hotel

is this the beginning of the second part of the night?

sightseeing in Chicago after the cancellation of the boat tour due to too much water