2020 Minneapolis

Hello Chalmerist west of the Atlantic!

It was decided in New York that the 2020 Memorial Weekend meetings will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The 2019 Memorial weekend event was held in the Big Apple, May 23-26. The previous released information around the event hotel location was in fact fake news. Our hotel will be in central Manhattan with our various fun event spots held close by. On the agenda we have items such as:

  • Thursday Peasoup dinner at the fancy Salmagundi club
  • Interesting Friday AM “EmilTalks” together with breakfast and lunch at the innovation platform Gateway
  • Visit to the HQ and production site of the NY subway help points, Boyce Technologies
  • Lobster boat dinner
  • Stevens Institute of Technology, professor Mirjam Furth, naval research
  • The Intrepid Museum Tour
  • Swedish/Scandinavian Gasque dinner and venue
  • Sunday ferry excursion to Hometown BBQ in Brooklyn
  • And much more..

You may come alone, or bring your spouse, friend(s) or whole family. And invite a job colleague that went to KTH or somewhere else, we love to meet! And you don’t need to be CING member, but after trying the fun first time, we see many becoming one! Invitation letter

What does it cost?

There is no program fee. You pay for your meals, transport and accommodation. The Gasque has fixed price for eating and drinking as much as you like, but kids are free. The Club Emil charity event by loves your donations for student scholarship. Read more

If you have not yet paid your membership…

Membership is voluntary and dirt cheap; still critical to keep CING going! Here is how you join: How to pay membership

USA residents, if you have a problem paying please contact Stefan Pall, Treasurer

Canada residents, if you have a problem contact Urban Ziegler

Do you need to update your contact information?

To update your information simply go to Change address

Hope to see you in New York, NY,

Markus Sandholm, President and Chief Executive Officer

Chalmersska ingenjörsföreningen is an independent Alumni organization for former Chalmers Students. The name means "The association for Engineers from Chalmers" and was formed 1907 when Chalmers was as Technical Institute, and only educated Engineers.

Today we are a the largest alumni organization in the northern countries, with over 13 000 active members, and anyone with a degree from Chalmers can apply for membership. We also grant membership for Professors at Chalmers University. Read more