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2016 - Dallas, TX

WELCOME TO CING 2016, MAY 25 - 29, DALLAS, TX, (Memorial Day weekend)

We have ~90 alumni in TX, where 10 are at  
Ericsson Americas HQ in Plano, a northern 
Dallas area. Part of our program is naturally a  
a visit to the big new corporate campus, where 
 the most recent expansion was inaugurated in  
2013. There are more than 3,500 people 
 working in this HQ spread out in several  
buildings. And - there are several more 
Ericsson centers in greater Dallas!

The Ericsson US operation has been very successful in communication infrastructure and wireless. When you call on cellphone, or use the internet, you are riding through such infrastructures. But that is magically invisible to you. This is despite the number of users, traffic intensity and speed demands keeps growing very fast. That is where Ericsson has achieved an edge. As an example, Ericsson has now captured 50% of the whole world’s traffic in 4G mobile networks!

But watching bits and bytes traveling fast through air or fibers may not give you a very memorable adrenaline kick. So, much of the program will be about what you can do with extremely fast, reliable, safe, and low latency communication. How about this: Real time remote control of an excavator digging a hole on the other side of the world! Or smart cars keeping you safe! Etc.! 

Southfork - JR Ewing “Dallas”
Some of us had the pleasure to watch the Dallas TV series with JR Ewing & Co at the Southfork Ranch. This started in late 1970s, running into the 80’s, and a new run in 90’s. The place is now open for public – serving Texas grilled food, entertainment, and TV memorabilia. Please join us for a nostalgic and unforgettable evening including genuine Texas ranch dining! 

Thursday, May 26; 7 PM, Club Emil
Pea soup with Pancakes, and Punschen Kommer Ljuv och Sval - a cozy charity dinner arranged by Per Treven (E90), one of our fine alumni at Ericsson. Your contribution will go directly to the noble goal of funding scholarship at Chalmers in Göteborg for top talented US students. The event will be held be at either Per’s home (~ 6 miles west of Plano), or at a small party venue we have in mind, depending on registration volume. See more here: Note - for this Club Emil, there will be a separate registration and pre-payment method. Further information about this will follow in our March newsletter update, and via US Friends of Chalmers.

Friday, May 27; 11:00 AM – 12:30 Noon - Registration and lunch
Say hello to old and new friends, get name badges; eat light lunch, and perhaps have a little wine or a beer. We will do this at the hotel, or a restaurant not too far from the Ericsson Americas HQ. This, to get good timing to the afternoon program at Ericsson. Full details about this will come in next newsletter in early March.

Friday, May 27; 1:00 – 5:00 PM Ericsson Corporate Campus
6300 Legacy Dr., Plano, TX 

1:00    PM Welcome to CING 2016
    Åke Hellström, Chair CING USA-Canada

1:05    Ericsson keynote presentation 
    Glenn Laxdal, CTO and Head of Strategy for Ericsson North America

1:25    Evolution to a networked society
    Presentations of leading technology and business drivers at Ericsson
    Products and services for international and US markets 
    Technical, business and user aspects of 5G
    Chalmers alumni at Ericsson 

2:50    Refreshment break

3:00    Chalmers news 
    Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO, Chalmers
    Chalmers role in advancing technology
    What is happening in Göteborg
    Presentation of US Friends of Chalmers scholarship award to top US student

3:15    Facility tour and demos
    Ericsson technologists and tour guides
    Demo of advanced real world applications
    - remote control excavator, future TV, new communication structures
    - a peek into Ericsson systems and hardware
    State-of-the-art office concepts and green building design in the new Ericsson HQ

4:50 – 5:00 Ericsson wrap-up
    Thank you all, any quick questions?

Friday, May 27, 7 PM - Southfork Ranch
Dinner and program at Southfork Ranch (Yes, the “real” Dallas / JR Ewing mansion, ~ 4 miles NE from Plano) Genuine Texas style grill party,
Entertainment, Touring buildings and land Memorabilia from the “Dallas” TV series

Saturday, May 28, 10:30 AM - University of Texas – Dallas (UTD) visit (~ 5 miles SE from Plano)
Overview – University of Texas
- UDT Erik Johnson school of Engineering and Computer Science… hear the great story about Erik!
- Innovation and upstart round table
- Presentations of UTD research; a few examples:
- Biological networks - the communication systems in our body
- Millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength devices for next generation communication
- RF energy interaction with humans
- Electromechanical nanotubes, efficient light generation

Saturday, May 28, 12:30 Noon – 3 PM Historic downtown 
things to do in Plano We will stroll around a bit outdoors, strengthening our bodies before the Gasque. Lunch / TexMex, Main Event Entertainment, Interurban railway museum,… Detailes to be announced in March newsletter.

Saturday, May 28, 7 PM -  Gasque
Enjoy food, drink and song in genuine Chalmers style. You will have a most memorable evening! We offer Herring and other Nordic appetizers, buffet style main course, and Prinsesstårta. Enjoy rising a Skål, giving a speech, or spexing around. We offer all the traditional Gasque beverages. That includes our secret CING brew, Vin Avancez. And there will be plenty of loud singing until your voice is just a faint whistle. You will get a special Dallas edition of our song book, starting with Livet är härligt, and for some, ending with Va’ tusan la’ ja’ sångboka (hick)? Gasque location and transport details will be part of the March newsletter.

Sunday, May 29, 10:00 – 11:30 AM - CING annual meeting. 
Take coffee or cold water to come back to life after Gasque. Please, voice up about CING USA –Canada events, membership, board member selection and future activities. Location: Room at Hilton Plano Granite Park

Sunday, May 24, 7 PM - Dinner
TexMex casual eating in the inner city. Place to be announced in next newsletter. The event includes presenting awards for Chalmers Classic Golf
Emil Chalmers,
Feb 10, 2016, 5:44 AM