2018 - Seattle, WA

Chalmersska Ingenjörsföreningen - USA - CANADA

Hello Chalmerist west of the Atlantic!

Seattle, Washington preliminary program:

Thursday 24 May17:00Scholarship award ceremony - US Friends of Chalmers
Free tickets here
Swedish Club

18:30Club Emil - Ärtsoppa och Punsch - US Friends of Chalmers
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Swedish Club

Friday 25 May9:15University of Washington seminar day.Kane Hall
13:00Study visit Boeing Factory (bus from UoW)Mukilteo, WA
Saturday 26 May10:30Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation440 5th Ave N.
19:00GasqueSwedish Club
Sunday 27 May10:00Annual Meeting (Marriotte Hotel)Hotel
12:00Seattle sightseeing
Monday 28 MayAll dayEnjoy the sunshine

Links for more information:

Also if you are interested, we now have a Facebook group: Click to join
You may come alone, or bring your spouse, friend(s) or whole family. And invite a job colleague that went to KTH or whatever, we love to meet! And you don’t need to be CING member, but after trying the fun first time, we see many becoming one!

What does it cost?
There is no program fee. You pay for your meals, transport and accommodation. The Gasque has fixed price typically $75 for eating and drinking as much as you like, but kids are free. The Club Emil charity event by US Friends of Chalmers loves your donations for student scholarship. Read more

If you have not yet paid your membership…

Membership is voluntary and dirt cheap; still critical to keep CING going! You don’t need to be a CING member to join these events - but we are confident that once you have tried the fun, you likely want to join! Here is how you pay: How to pay membership

USA residents, if you have a problem paying please contact Stefan Pall, Treasurer CING USA-CANADA

Canada residents, if you have a problem contact Urban Ziegler, Vice Chair CING USA-Canada

Do you need to update your contact information?

To update your information simply go to www.cing.chalmers.se and click on “Address change”

Hope to see you in Seattle, WA.

Åke Hellström (F69)

Chair CING USA-Canada

(614) 457-2984